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About 6am. - we have reached the airport, because you have to leave. Not for a couple of days, but for a period of time that will be painful for both of us. You have to go the distance, as it is part of your masterplan. And I have to stay here because here is my life. We don't talk much. We don't find words to express our feelings right now. This night we promised to each other that the miles between us won't harm us, that this circumstance will tie us up even stronger. But I know you can see the fear and sadness in my eyes like I can feel it when I look in yours. I can hear the planes taking off, people whispering. I listen to the announcements which intend to separate peolpe from each other. I wait until our call echos through the terminal to tell: time to say good bye to my love. Again and again I look at you, while you try to fix my eyes. Both we feel desperation and melancholy which can't be put into words. So we just sit here, watch the planes heading to other places. I hold your hand that feels cold and sad. Just as if you were already gone. Daylight is crawling up form behind the horizon. This is our call. One last fearful glance from your face before we hug and kiss. You promise me to be mine forever, I nod and wave good bye. Then you are gone. I watch your plane leaving the building, blow you a kiss which vanishes into the terminal air. Back home I feel empty and tired, but determined to store this state of feelings. I sit down and start to make music ... sounds like some aerotone.

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14 artists from all over the world taking part in this compilation for a very personal occasion and giving their impressions for this wonderful and unique day in life. 'Soundtrack for your wedding (AER002)' is describing a journey through several styles of soft and heartfelt electronic music. This soundtrack is a wedding present, reflecting all these emotions we went through.
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